Dog & Cat End of Life Services in Wayne, NJ

As your pet ages or as their chronic condition progresses, you may begin to notice changes in their routine, behavior, comfort, and mood. All pets approach the end of their life differently, but one thing they have in common is a diminished quality of life. Knowing the signs and discussing them with your veterinarian is critical to preventing any needless suffering in your pet. Pet hospice care and euthanasia are not easy topics to talk about, but consideration is necessary to make sure your companion’s needs are being met. Like you, we want your pet to enjoy the healthiest and happiest life possible. If they are no longer able to do this, we need to take steps to ease their discomfort and make their final days peaceful.

Contact us to schedule a quality-of-life assessment for your pet, and our team will support you in any way you need as you decide on how best to proceed with your pet’s care.

What to Expect with a Euthanasia Appointment

When you and your pet arrive at our hospital, we will escort you to a quiet, private room. We will discuss the euthanasia process, so you understand what to expect, and help you make arrangements for handling your pet’s remains. We’ll also take time to answer all your questions, and if you prefer, we can take care of payment at this time, too. This will allow you and your family (if they are present) to spend as much time as you need with your pet.

A key step in the pet euthanasia process is providing sedation to help your pet relax and keep comfortable. We will place an IV catheter to administer the sedative (and later the euthanasia solution), and in a few minutes your pet will be in a deep sleep.

Our team will proceed with the euthanasia injection when you give us permission to do so. Your pet will not feel anything during this time, but we encourage you to pet them and cuddle them as they pass on. Once we have checked their heart and lungs and confirmed that your pet has passed, we will let you know, and give you and your family any additional time you’d like to sit with your pet and say goodbye.

Remembering Your Pet

When you are ready to leave, we ask that you turn off the lights and close the door to the room, allowing your pet some privacy. A technician will return to the room after you have left and respectfully cover your pet with a soft blanket. Losing a pet is never easy, and it is common for pet parents to feel grief following the loss of their pet. If you would like information or resources for the grieving process, or recommendations to remember and memorialize your pet, please ask our team and we would be happy to provide you with this information.

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