Pet Surgery in Wayne, NJ

At North Jersey Animal Hospital, our priority is to provide compassionate, advanced, and quality veterinary care to pets in and around Wayne, NJ. Our veterinarians are professionally trained and fully equipped to perform routine and elective pet surgery for dogs and cats. We utilize state-of-the art surgical equipment and medically advanced protocols to ensure your pet is safe and comfortable before, during, and after surgery. We prioritize our patients’ safety, health, and happiness and work with pet parents to educate them on what to expect before and after surgery.

Pet Surgeries We Can Perform

We can perform a wide variety of pet surgery procedures, including:

Spay & Neuter
Mass Removal
Laceration Repair
Ocular Procedures

In some cases, pets may require more advanced surgical procedures, in cases of after-hours emergencies or orthopedic repairs. If your pet requires a more advanced level of surgical care, we will refer you to a qualified specialist in or near the Wayne, NJ area. Most often, we are able to refer patients to Animal Emergency and Referral Associates located in West Caldwell, but in some instances, another location may be recommended.

Minimizing Anesthetic Risks for Your Pet

Just like in humans, there is a risk for pets when they undergo general anesthesia. Our veterinary team has developed specific protocols and standards for general anesthesia and surgery to minimize the risk for our patients. All patients undergo a full physical exam prior to their surgery and have a blood screening on surgery day. The veterinarian evaluates the blood work in order to rule out any internal issues, such as clotting disorders, liver and kidney abnormalities, and anemia. An intravenous catheter is placed for all patients to allow for safe administration of anesthetic medications and regulation of blood pressure through the use of IV fluids. Throughout and after the procedure, each pet’s vital signs will be monitored closely by our trained veterinary support staff. Any specific discharge instructions, pain medications, and recommendations will be discussed thoroughly with pet parents before our patients are discharged in order to provide them with a quick and safe recovery.

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